Business Development

Strategic support in Europe, Africa, notably in Morocco

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly weakened the European continent and the Russian-Ukrainian war, which is expected to continue, presages a difficult winter for the people of Europe, particularly because of the energy crisis that is looming for the coming winter. In this context of crisis, where inflation is driving up costs throughout the global supply chain, business activities will inevitably be affected and highly dependent on the evolution of the conflict. Thus, the economic and geopolitical instability leads to an increase in the cost of raw materials, production and transportation, which forces companies to adapt and anticipate drastically in the coming months to reduce the impact of the economic crisis on their activities.

Business Support

In this sense, FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs offers strategic support to companies and organizations in their development projects at national, European and international levels.

  • Market risk analysis: evaluation of the financial, industrial and commercial impact on the activities of the company and its ecosystem.
  • Reorganisation of the value chain: by studying which stages of production or distribution represent a point of friction, and how to optimise them.
  • Partial or total relocation: with a view to circumventing value chain barriers and redistributing certain activities in other EU countries or in Africa.
  • Restructurings: prevention and management of social risk via crisis communication support.
  • Search for industrial partners: to facilitate trade and make industrial and commercial processes more fluid for companies.
  • Mergers & acquisitions: search for investors and/or fi nancial partners.