Public and Political Affairs

Political and regulatory monitoring

FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs, who operates in Paris, Brussels, Rome, Warsaw and London, guarantees a coherent and local service and builds efficient links between its clients and institutions. The fi rm also carries out this activity within the regulatory and legislative framework of other European countries and in Africa. The European institutions, for their part, propose, decide and implement new standards which, directly or indirectly, determine and influence nearly 80% of the national rules of each of the member countries of the Union.
Evolution is constant and change is a daily occurrence. Adaptation for companies and organisations is therefore inevitable. And regulatory anticipation is indispensable. Before taking any action, it is essential to keep an effective and targeted monitoring on the legislative texts being prepared and on current political events. FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs conducts a complete and analytical monitoring on behalf of its clients and alerts them to the political and regulatory priorities that concern them. This monitoring, which focuses on the regulatory sectors that impact on their activities, enables them to define the actions that need to be taken before or during this process.

Lobbying & Advocacy

In France and worldwide

FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs defends the interests of its clients at the right time and in the right place, in France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, the United Kingdom elsewhere in Europe and in Africa.The fi rm develops on behalf of its clients’ strategies to deal with regulatory or political issues that may have an impact on their business.However, public affairs consultancy goes further and requires a proactive approach: this consists of awakening political and institutional players to the challenges of sectors and companies with very specifi c characteristics, with a view to enabling the emergence of more relevant public policies.The consultants draft and coordinate the promotion of their clients’ positions to national and European decision-makers. The fi rm offers a wide range of complementary expertise ranging from political strategy to the mastery of communication tools.

European issues

The European decision-making process is an open process, based on consultation and dialogue with stakeholders (companies, NGOs, associations, territories…). and the confrontation of ideas and public and private interests. Civil society actors, including companies and organisations, cannot be absent from this.

Institutional and political network

FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs supports its clients through a comprehensive network built around public decision-makers, media and economic players, and accompanies its clients and plays an intermediary role in bringing together possible partners, stakeholders and influential personalities on several levels.

Using a rigourous methodology that involves the creation of specific stakeholder mappings, the organisation of meetings and institutional events, and the followup of contacts, the firm offers its expertise to its clients in order to develop their notoriety in very complex and competitive contexts, and to open new windows of opportunity with economic partners and public and private investors.

Strategy of influence

Strategy of influence encompasses all the thinking done in preparation to understand the political context, to articulate it with the issues and challenges encountered by the client and its sector of activity, and to defi ne the parameters of the mission.