27th October 2020

In a social and economic environment turned upside down by the health crisis, the consequences of which are calling on many organisations to rethink their operating methods, strategic objectives and sources of funding, FairValue Corporate and Public Affairs is deploying a new “COVID offer” that enriches the firm’s traditional portfolio of activities in corporate communication and public affairs. This offer is focused on three areas: crisis management and communication, change management and recovery accompaniment.

At a time when state, social and sometimes even individual borders are reforming and closing down, FairValue is convinced that the recovery requires, in particular, the internationalisation of companies and support for exports, in order to help them find and exploit new markets. More than ever, in a context troubled by numerous restrictions linked to the pandemic and by the return of protectionist temptations, the firm’s commitment and deep conviction is that economic exchanges must on the contrary be supported and encouraged.

Present in Paris, Brussels and Rome, FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs intends to develop its activities in internationalisation support with the forthcoming opening of a new office in Warsaw, which will enable the firm to offer its consultancy services to organisations based in Central and Eastern Europe, but also to those wishing to exploit the very promising potential of these markets, which showed a good level of resilience during the COVID-19 crisis and promising prospects for a rapid return to growth1 . At the same time, the firm is strengthening its presence in Rome, in order to cover the whole of Southern Europe, and in Brussels, for Northern Europe.

To consolidate and support its redeployment and development, FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs has appointed César Lesage as General Delegate. Félix Goodenough becomes Project Manager in charge of development in Central and Northern Europe, and Marco Rocchi is promoted to Project Manager in charge of development in Southern Europe.

Anne Mazoyer-Jankowska, President of FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs, says “the firm’s role will be decisive in helping economic players of all kinds and nationalities to strengthen their resilience, stimulate their development in France, Europe and worldwide, develop their image and their teams, and defend and preserve their interests through a new vision of the future, in a context of unprecedented economic and social upheaval. »

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