Post-COVID Offer


Crisis Management and Communication.

Aware of the major and unprecedented difficulties that the economic and social fabric have to face, FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs proposes, as part of its unique Post-Covid offer in France and in Europe, a specific support aimed at socially and financially supporting organizations during this period of great upheaval.


In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic , FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs is mobilising all its experience and networks to enable companies and organisations to resist the crisis, by offering them innovative, operational and secure solutions, that take into account all their economic and social necessities.

  • Organisational audits
  • Social dialogue
  • Crisis communication in relation to:
    • public and political authorities
    • media
    • social networks


The survival of a company depends first and foremost on a solid financial base, and therefore on the search for new investors to support it in the realisation of its short, medium and long-term projects. Through a highly developed network of investors and business angels, and with a strategic approach that is very attentive to public and private financing opportunities, the firm offers support aimed at facilitating contacts and the search for relevant partnerships in order to help companies negotiate their way out of the crisis and relaunch their business.

  • Financial Audits
  • Search for investors
  • Search for grants
  • Search for tax and social security schemes
  • Search for European funds
  • Search for regional funds


Change Management

In a context that is in the midst of an economic, social and environmental turnaround in the wake of the health crisis, FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs is formulating a change management process in order to support the human resources department of companies during their profound transformation.

Co-constructed, negotiated, progressive or imposed, change is a reality that companies cannot circumvent, that it is essential to steer, supervise and accompany. Therefore, communication is an essential vector for getting all the company’s employees to adhere to change at every phase of the change management process.

During specialised workshops, led by experts, internal teams define and take ownership of a new company project. This allows social bonds to be rebuilt internally around a new vision for the organisation.


Accompanying the economic recovery

Supporting companies wishing to export or set up abroad.

It is not enough to resist the crisis, but to relaunch economic activities on diversified foundations. While national markets may be saturated or corroded by the crisis, FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs offers support to companies wishing to export or set up abroad.

Thanks to its keen awareness in the French, Italian, Belgian, Polish and African markets (West and North Africa), strong partnerships in other areas of the world and close ties with leading institutional bodies, and a multicultural team with professional experience in each of these geographic areas, FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs is the one-stop shop for all the needs of companies beyond territorial borders.

Strategic consulting :

This practice provides solutions to the most complex situations to meet the needs or challenges of the business market.

  • Economic and market research
  • Brand Strategy and country-specific market analyses
  • Search for partners or M&A opportunities
  • Regional audits
  • Creating links with political authorities and the media
  • Search for investors and financing opportunities
  • Project evaluation and implantation strategy