CCI France Poland – Comunication – 07/02/2021

The new chapter that opened on the 1st January in the relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom has dispelled some concerns, but has not totally removed all uncertainty. Many companies are now facing new technical and regulatory barriers in the organisation of their value chains and the conduct of their business activities. New customs procedures and the return of checks on goods will have a lasting effect on the flow of trade.

More than a third of British companies1 are considering relocating all or part of their production facilities. Meanwhile, their European counterparts are already considerably affected by the complexity of new regulatory rules and by the ensuing logistical difficulties, in an economic context aggravated by the health crisis…

FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs lance une « Offre Brexit Express » inédite à destination des entreprises commerciales et industrielles britanniques et européennes | CCI France Pologne (