FairValue in Warsaw with Employers of Poland

Very constructive discussion in Warsaw with President of #EmployersofPoland, Andrzej Malinowski PH.D. and Vice-President Janusz Pietkiewicz, about the future post COVID19 Economy in #Poland, and the standing of Polish companies on the international [...]

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B20 Inception meeting

Marco Rocchi, Public & Political Affairs Advisor of FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs, participated in the launch conference of B20 Italy 2021, the international forum organized by Confindustria and dedicated to dialogue with [...]

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ANACOFI’s „Grand Débat”

Anne Mazoyer, President of FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs, as well as Ndeye Arame Dime and Victoire Bedhome, political advisors, took part in the ANACOFI's Annual Big Debate on 15 December 2020. David [...]

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The Circular Economy Conference

Victoire Bedhome, Policy Advisor, participated in the "EU Circular Talks - The Circular Economy to Revitalise Retail" - an initiative jointly organised by the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform and EuroCommerce. On this [...]

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FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs wprowadza nową, wyjątkową „Ofertę Covid” i rozszerza swoją działalność na Europę Środkową oraz Wschodnią

27 października 2020 W otoczeniu społeczno-gospodarczym wstrząśniętym kryzysem sanitarnym, którego skutki zmuszają wiele organizacji do redefiniowania sposobu działania, celów strategicznych i źródeł finansowania, FairValue Corporate et Public Affairs wprowadza nową, wyjątkową „ofertę COVID”, która [...]

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Restructuring & Transformation Summit

Specialist in crisis management, in particular in regards to industrial restructuring, FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs was represented by Ndeye Arame Dime, Public Affairs Consultant, at the second edition of the Restructuring & [...]

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Discussion with Olivier Guersent, Director General of DG Competition at the European Commission – “With Europe facing a crisis: what are the conditions for a sustainable recovery – ASCPE

Marco Rocchi, Public Affairs Consultant at FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs, met with Olivier Guersent, Director General of DG Competition at the European Commission, during the ASCPE event on the development of bilateral [...]

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World Retail Congress

On 15 September 2020, Christian Verschueren, President of EuroCommerce, gave his outlook for the future of retail, one of the sectors most affected by the health crisis and that will have to adapt [...]

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ANACOFI Summer University

Anne Mazoyer, President of FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs, as well as Victoire Bedhome and Ndeye Arame Dime, public affairs consultants, attended the ANACOFI Summer University in Paris on 3 September 2020. During [...]

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CDPF – „Zero-carbon mobility”

Following the announcement of the implementation of the Green Deal by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Félix Goodenough and Victoire Bedhome from FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs attended, on behalf of one [...]

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Anacofi Big Debate at the Cercle de l’Union Interaliée

Making of the cross interview with @XavierBertrand and @David_Charlet which will be screened on December 12th #GrandDebatAnacofi @xavierbertrand @david_charlet @AssNaCoFin FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs Appointment for the Great Debate of the #Anacofi [...]

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Anne Mazoyer and Eleonora Scalera meet Olivier Guersent, Directorate‑General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union at the European Commission on the 18th October 2019

Anne Mazoyer and Eleonora Scalera meet on Friday 18 October Olivier Guersent, DG Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union at the #FISMA Commission, at the Circle of Permanent Delegates in Brussels. [...]

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FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs accompanies the first meeting between the contributors of the European White paper on the revitalisation of city-centres, initiated by the Fédération Nationale de l’Habillement

FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs accompanies, this Wednesday 20 June at the European Economic and Social Committee, the first meeting of contributors, initiated and led by the Fédération Nationale de l'Habillement, with a [...]

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