Brexit Express

Brexit Express offer

FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs is launching a new offer, the Brexit Express, which responds to the specificities and challenges of British and European companies, by providing concrete solutions to the industrial and commercial upheavals to come.

The emergence of new tariff and non-tariff barriers is forcing organisations to rethink their value chain and even reorganize their activities.

The importance of bilateral trade, and the very high exposure of companies to regulatory, economic and logistical obstacles, will require a strategy adapted to the continuity and development of business.

Business Offer

Redeployment of industrial companies in the United Kingdom, Europe and internationally

  • Market risk analysis: evaluation of the financial, industrial and commercial impact on the activities of the company and its ecosystem.
  • Reorganisation of the value chain: by studying which stages of production or distribution represent a point of friction, and how to optimise them.
  • Partial or total relocation: with a view to circumventing value chain barriers and redistributing certain activities in other EU countries or in Africa.
  • Restructurings: prevention and management of social risk via crisis communication support.
  • Search for industrial partners: to facilitate trade and make industrial and commercial processes more fluid for companies affected by Brexit.
  • Mergers & acquisitions: earch for investors and/or financial partners.

Regulatory Offer

Anticipating, managing and countering regulatory obstacles related to Brexit in London and Brussels

  • Regulatory and economic impact assessment in order to measure the legislative and regulatory risk associated with new regulations:
    • internally
    • in bilateral trade agreements EU / UK and with third parties
  • Political and legislative monitoring: efficient and focused on legislative texts being prepared related to Brexit, and on current political events, in order to better anticipate and analyse the issues at stake for the client.
  • Lobbying and Advocacy to defend the interests of businesses with the authorities and decision-makers in Brussels and, if necessary, at national level.
  • Network-building and public relations with decision-makers, the media and economic stakeholders, in order to make the entire relevant ecosystem aware of the issues faced by the client, and thus increase the visibility and political weight of the organisation’s interests.
  • Legal recommendations and compliance to ensure compliance with new UK regulatory requirements.